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Air Pollution Research Group (APG)

1. Introduction

Scientific studies have pointed to a high risk resulted from exposure to air pollution to human health, agricultural crops and ecosystem. Air pollution also causes regional and large scale effects on the atmosphere and the climate. WHO in 2014 reported that globally in 2012 around 7 million people died as a result of exposure to household and ambient air pollution. Regionally, low- and middle-income countries in the Western Pacific and South East Asian regions bear most of the burden with over 5 million deaths due to air pollution.

The rapid economic growth in Vietnam has been accompanied by increasing levels of air pollution. Emissions from fossil fuel combustion, both in mobile and stationary sources and biomass open burning (i.e. agriculture residue, forest fire, solid waste) are among the major contributors to the air pollution burden in the country. To solve the problems of air pollution, an integrated approach has to be developed and implemented which in turns requires capacity building for both hardware and software resources.

The air pollution research group (APG) at Ton Duc Thang University has been established as a response to this need.

2. Mission and vision

• APG conducts high quality research demonstrated by real life applications for improving air quality in Vietnam through strong research networks with national and international collaborators;

• APG aims to be a focal point to build capacity and promote the integrated approach to air quality and climate change for co-benefits in Vietnam;

• APG focuses on the multi-pollutant and multi-effect approach to provide cost-effective solutions to complex air pollution problems in Vietnam.

3. Research topics

• Air quality monitoring: traditional, satellite and wireless sensing;

• Use cloud computing for publicizing air pollution information;

• Emission inventory and emission projections;

• Air quality dispersion modeling (3D) using high performance computing systems;

• Air pollution receptor modeling;

• Air pollution control using advanced technologies;

• Air pollution and climate change interactions: short-lived climate pollutants;

• Quantification of co-benefits of emission control measures;

• Assessment of air pollution effects on human health;

• Assessment of air pollution effects on agricultural crops and forestry;

• Integrated management strategies for agricultural crop residue to reduce open burning;

• Emission reduction measures for urban traffic;

• Policy studies to promote integrated air quality management strategies.

4. Current members


Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh


• Head of Air Pollution Research Group, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

• Adjunct Professor, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

• Full Professor, Environmental Engineering and Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani, Thailand

Areas of expertise: Air pollution engineering & management; Climate and air quality interaction; Co-benefit assessment for emission reduction measures; Monitoring and control of organic pollutants; Industrial environment management; Meteorology and climate science

Research track record (until June of 2020):

• ISI papers: 102

• Total ISI Citations: 3534

• ISI H-index: 31

• Top ISI journals (at most 5):

1. Science (IF = 41.06)

2. Chemical Engineering (IF = 8.36)

3. Environmental Science & Technology (IF = 7.15)

4. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (IF = 5.67)

5. Science of The Total Environment (IF=5.59)


Mr. Lai Nguyen Huy

Position: Member of Air Pollution Research Group, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Areas of expertise:  Evaluation of performance of photochemical smog modelling system for air quality management, traffic-originated emission inventory by modeling tools, development of emission inventory for man-made and natural sources


Dr. Nguyen Hong Phuc

Position: Member of Air Pollution Research Group, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Areas of expertise:  Air pollution monitoring and modeling, Air pollutant emission inventory, Health impact assessment of traffic-related air pollution


Ms. Dang Anh Nguyet

Position: Member of Air Pollution Research Group, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Areas of expertise: GIS and remote sensing applications in natural resources management

5. Publications (ISI or Scopus only)

5. Van Tai Tang, Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, Eldon R. Rene, Tran Ngoc Binh; Analysis of roadside air pollutant concentrations and potential health risk of exposure in Hanoi, Vietnam; Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A (in press) (ISI).

4. Lai Nguyen Huy, Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh; Emission control for volatile organic compounds from gasoline stations and implication on ozone-forming potential; Atmospheric Pollution Research, Vol. 11 (2020), Issue 6, pp. 87–98 (ISI).

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1. Lai Nguyen Huy, Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh; Assessment of national emissions of air pollutants and climate forcers from thermal power plants and industrial activities in Vietnam; Atmospheric Pollution Research, Vol. 8 (2017), Issue 3, pp. 503–513 (ISI).

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