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Education Research Group (ERG)

1. Introduction

The Education Research Group (ERG) will promote research collaboration, facilitate research-based discussion about higher education (HE) and, most importantly, implement a coherent and ambitious research strategy concerning the contemporary state of higher education. The ERG will be active in supporting research activity, promoting pedagogic research excellence, and developing the links between teaching and research.

2. Mission and vision


  • To conduct research that is recognized internationally for its rigor and originality
  • To inform the development of HE policy and practice, especially in Vietnam
  • To foster national and international collaboration concerning HE research


Promoting higher education for personal and collective empowerment.

3. Research topics

The research interests and orientations cover the following themes, drawing on transnational, international and multidisciplinary perspectives:

  • Policy-oriented research (the impact of governance, QA and curriculum policies on higher education in Vietnam);
  • Practice-oriented research (current teaching, curriculum, student assessment practices, graduate attributes, professional development and human resource development);
  • Evaluation-oriented research (program, course and teaching evaluations).

4. Current members


Dr. Martin Hayden

Positions: Head of Education Research Group, Ton Duc Thang University

Areas of expertise: higher education governance and quality; higher education systems in the ASEAN region; equity in access to higher education


  • Studies in Higher Education
  • Asia Pacific World
  • Journal of International and Comparative Education

Research track record until June 2019:
• ISI papers: 8
• Total ISI Citations: 7
• ISI H-index: 4
• At most 5 top journals:

  • Studies in Higher Education (Impact factor: 2.32)
  • Asia Pacific World (Impact factor: na)
  • Journal of International and Comparative Education (Impact factor: 1.82)
  • Higher Education Research and Development (Impact factor: 2.0)
  • Higher Education Journal (Impact factor: 2.28)

Dr. Nguyen Huu Cuong

Positions: Member of Education Research Group, Ton Duc Thang University

Areas of expertise: Educational Assessment


Dr. Ut V. Le
Positions at Ton Duc Thang University:

  • Director of Research Affairs
  • Director of Research Foundation
  • Head of Informetrics Research Group
  • Member of Education Research Group

Areas of expertise: Scientometrics, Research Policy, University Rankings

5. Publications (ISI or Scopus only)

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