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Scientific Seminar on “Why Electrochemistry at TDTU?”

In the afternoon of 05/06/2019, the Department for Management of Science and Technology Development of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) organized a seminar on “Why Electrochemistry at TDTU?” presented by Dr. Guenther G. Scherer, The former Chief of Electrochemistry Lab at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland.

Electrochemistry is a fundamental part of Chemistry and ubiquitous in science. It deals with charge-transfer processes across interfaces; hence, in addition to charge exchange, it exhibits all aspects of surface and interfacial chemistry and physics. It relates charge transfer rates, e.g. current, to potential differences across interfaces. 

Further, electrochemical potentials are directly related to differences in free energy of reactions, allowing efficiencies of energy storage and conversion processes to be higher than their thermal (combustion) counterparts. 

Therefore, its universal aspects reach out into applications of engineering science (e.g. energy storage and conversion research, material science, corrosion processes), life science and biology (medicine, cell research, artificial organs), environmental science (sensors), and many other important areas. 

Electrochemistry has also strong societal impacts, due to some of today's major challenges of mankind: Energy supply, energy distribution, energy storage of renewable energy, and energy conversion. Among others, this has strong consequences on mobility (electrification by batteries and fuel cells, hydrogen technologies), decentralized electrical networks, communication, others, and in the widest sense, on global warming.  

Dr. Guenther G. Scherer, specialized in. Up to now, Dr. Guenther G. Scherer has published 177 works in prestigious ISI journals.

The seminar attracted the attention and participation of researchers, lecturers from DEMASTED, AIMAS, INCOS, Departments of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Environment and Labour Safety, Information Technology, Applied Sciences, Pharmacy This is a regular scientific activity at Ton Duc Thang University to share and introduce new scientific results of scientists and promote scientific research activities at TDTU.

TS. Guenther G. Scherer is presenting at seminar


TS. Guenther G. Scherer with participants