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TDTU students won many prizes in the 25th Student Scientific Research Competition – Euréka

On November 26, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Organizing Committee of the 25th Student Scientific Research Competition - Euréka - held the Closing Ceremony and awarded prizes. The students of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) have excellently achieved many prizes in the competition.

Specifically, TDTU students won 2 Second Prizes, 1 Third Prize, 3 Consolation Prizes, 1 topic transferred into the research project, and the most voted scientific video clip prize.

Two Second Place prizes belonged to the fields of Economics and Culture - Arts. In the field of economics, the Second Place prize was awarded to the students, including Ta Ngoc Nhu, Nguyen Tuyet Anh, and Nguyen Thanh Trieu (guided by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Loc (MA) – Lecturer and Person-in-charge of the Department of Hospitality Management) from the Faculty of Business Administration with the topic: “The role of Green Human Resource Management practice and Environmental Knowledge on Pro-environmental Behaviours and Environmental Performance: An empirical  research in Vietnamese hospitality”. At the same time, this topic is one of only seven topics selected to be transferred into the research project to HungHau Education Joint Stock Company.

The next Second Place Prize went to students, Huynh Le Thanh Ha, Phung Dieu Linh, and Mr. Nguyen Duc Thang (MA) – Lecturer and Head of the Industrial Design Department from the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, and Bachelor Huynh Dang Vien with the topic: “Applying Light Penetration Properties from Banana Tree Trunks to Interior Decorative Lamp Design”.

One Third Place Prize in the field of economics, with the Topic: “Exploring the Relationship Between ESG Performance and Business Performance of Multinational Enterprises in the Technology Industry” was awarded to students, Huynh Thi Thuy Nhi, Le Nhat Mai Anh, and Nguyen Thi Minh Anh, and Dr. Le Minh Hieu - Lecturer of the Faculty of Business Administration. In addition, they also won the most voted scientific video clip prize.

The field of economics also received one Consolation Prize for the topic: “Investigating the Impact of Ethnocentrism and National Pride on Media Consumption In Sporting Events: The Moderating role of Media Content Trustworthiness” conducted by students, Nguyen Thi My Tinh, Tran Chau Thi, and Dinh Tran Tien Duy, and Dr. Le Quang Trang and Ms. Phung Thi Thu Thuy (MSc.) - Lecturers of the Faculty of Sport Science.

The 1st Consolation Prize belonged to the field of Medical Science and Pharmacy for the topic: “Research and Development of Hydrogel Tablets with Core/Shell Structure Containing Calcitonin from the Chitosan/Pectin System for the Treatment of Osteoporosis” conducted by students, Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong, Nguyen Yen Nhi, and Tran Dinh Cam Nhung, and Dr. Phan Vu Hoang Giang - Lecturer of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The next Consolation Prize went to the field of Technology for the Topic: “An Arm that Simulates the Real Movements of a Human Hand” conducted by students, Nguyen Binh An, Luong Phuc An, and Do Nguyen Tien Hai, and Mr. Thieu Quang Tri (MSc.) - Lecturer of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.



The group of students and the instructor with the Second Prize in the 25th Euréka in 2023


Representative of TDTU group of students and partner receiving technology transfer in research - HungHau Education Joint Stock Company



The group of students and the instructor with the Third Place Prize and the most voted scientific video clip prize in the competition


The group of students and instructors from TDTU Faculty of Sport Science with the Consolation Prize in the competition in the field of Economics