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Parametric Multiobjective Optimization Research Group

1. Introduction

Parametric Multiobjective Optimization Research Group (PMO) is founded by Ton Duc Thang University. This group aims to study optimization problems which are arising from decision making, management and engineering and involving simultaneously several objective functions. Additionally focus is made on problems in dependence on a parameter for purposes of algorithm development and practical applications. 

2. Mission and vision

Our mission is to examine multiobjective optimization problems under perturbation depending on a parameter from the point of view of set-valued analysis and to establish formulas for derivatives of the marginal functions which are essential for duality construction and stability consideration.

PMO provides theoretical results as well as numerical methods that lead to potential practical applications, in particular, to application in traffic network management. 

3. Research topics

• Conditions for efficient solutions of a PMO problem

• Properties of the marginal mapping (first order and high order differentiability)

• Construction of dual problems and conditions for stability

• Applications to parametric traffic network management under vector cost functions

4. Current members


Dr. Dinh The Luc


• Head of the Parametric Multiobjective Optimization Research Group, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

• Emeritus Distinguished Professor, LMA, Avignon University, France

Areas of expertise: Optimization Nonsmooth analysis

Research track record (until February of 2018):

• ISI papers: 85

• Total ISI Citations: 1024

• ISI H-index: 18

• Top ISI journals (at most 5):

1. Mathematical Programming

2. Mathematics of Operations Research

3. SIAM J. on Optimization

4. SIAM J. Control and Optimization

5. Transactions of AMS


Dr. Zamani Moslem

Position: Member of the Parametric Multiobjective Optimization Research Group, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Areas of expertise: Optimization, Convex and nonsmooth analysis, Stochastic optimization

5. Publications (ISI or Scopus only)

1.  Dinh The Luc and Michel Volle (2019); Duality for Optimization Problems with Infinite Sums; SIAM Journal on Optimization (ISI).

2.  Moslem Zamani (2019); A new algorithm for concave quadratic programming; Journal of Global Optimization (ISI).

3. Dinh The Luc, Majid Soleimani-damaneh, and Moslem Zamani (2018); Semi-differentiability of the Marginal Mapping in Vector Optimization; SIAM Journal on Optimization (ISI).

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