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A NURBS-based inverse analysis for reconstruction of nonlinear deformations of thin shell structures

N. Vu-Bac, T.X. Duong, T. Lahmer, X. Zhuang, R.A. Sauer, H.S. Park, T. Rabczuk
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, 2018 ()
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This article presents original work combining a NURBS-based inverse analysis with both kinematic and constitutive nonlinearities to recover the applied loads and deformations of thin shell structures. The inverse formulation is tackled by gradient-based optimization algorithms based on computed and measured displacements at a number of discrete locations. The proposed method allows accurately recovering the target shape of shell structures such that instabilities due to snapping and buckling are captured. The results obtained show good performance and applicability of the proposed algorithms to computer-aided manufacturing of shell structures.