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Conferences & Seminars




Co-organizing Conferences




  • Seminar “Biomass processing in sub-critical water conditions for sustainable production of biofuels and chemicals”
  • Workshop on Scopus introduction and applying Scopus in your research activities
  • Seminar “New approach for materials synthesis”
  • Prof. Tuan V. Nguyen gave the talk about “Research evaluation by Scientometrics”
  • Seminar “How to select the appropriate ISI/Scopus journals in social sciences field”
  • Seminar “TEM/SEM microscopy and related issues”
  • Seminar “Description logics”
  • Strong field and attosecond physics: progress and opportunities
  • Materials science and nano particles
  • Seminar “How to increase your scientific citations”
  • Prof. Chia-Chu Chen gave the talk about “Neutrino Oscillation”
  • Prof. Mai Suan Li talked about protein aggergation and related diseases
  • Seminar "Screening and preventing of common diseases in the community"
  • Seminar “Strategies for developing research and innovation capabilities at universities in Vietnam”
  • Dr. Tran Manh Hung gave a talk about his scientific results in pharmacy
  • Different ways to file a patent application
  • “How to prevent cancer” by Professor Mong-Hong Lee from University of Texas