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Ton Duc Thang University develops many new international cooperation programs

During the business trip to Europe from May 24 to June 2, 2023, in addition to promoting the educational development cooperation with member universities of the University Consortium International (UCI), leaders of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) worked and exchanged more potential cooperation programs with prestigious partners and universities in order to expand the joint network in the internationalization of TDTU.

On this occasion, the delegation visited Czech Technical University (CVUT), University of Pardubice (UPCE), Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE), University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (VSCHT), Skoda Auto University (SAVS), and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

1. Visiting and working with the Czech Technical University (CVUT)

On the afternoon of June 1, 2023, the Delegation worked with the Rector, Vice Rector and Chief of CVUT’s office, and signed an MoU in education development in the new period of the two universities such as implementation of bilateral training programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, international joint programs, establishment of joint research groups, exchange of professors and scientists in the same field, etc.

CVUT is the oldest technical university in Europe and the leading technical research university in the region and in the Prague Research cluster. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs to more than 19,000 students in the fields of construction, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear science, engineering physics, architecture, transportation, biomedical engineering, and information technology.

QT 1TDTU’s and CVUT’s leaders discussing about cooperation programs.

QT2Dr. Tran Trong Dao - TDTU’s President and Prof. Vojtěch Petráček - CVUT’s Rector signing an MoU in educational development in the new period.

2. Visiting and working with the University of Pardubice (UPCE)

The Delegation had a meeting with UPCE’s Board of Directors and leaders on May 30, 2023 to finalize potential cooperation contents in the near future on student exchange, online learning programs, and cooperation in scientific research.

QT 11

The delegation visiting the Faculty of Chemistry, UPCE.

3. Visiting and working with Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE)

As part of the series of activities in this business trip, on June 2, 2023, TDTU’s leaders had a meeting with VSE. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pavel Hnát - Vice Rector welcomed the delegation.

VSE is the leading economic university of the Czech Republic, and also a close partner of TDTU for many years. On this occasion, the two sides agreed to further promote cooperation activities in developing comprehensive education, co-improving and developing the quality of joint programs, especially the 2+2 joint program of the Business Administration major between TDTU and VSE, and researching highly applicable scientific topics in the field of economics - finance.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pavel Hnát - VSE’s Vice Rector working with TDTU leaders.


Dr. Tran Trong Dao - TDTU’s President and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pavel Hnát - VSE’s Vice Rector.

4. Visiting and working with the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (VSCHT)

On the same day, VSCHT’s leaders also welcomed the TDTU delegation to visit and have a meeting related to the cooperation program in the new period. Here, the two sides discussed in detail the bilateral doctoral training program and research potential in the fields of chemistry, materials technology and biotechnology, promoting student exchange, and co-organizing international scientific conferences in strong fields of each university.

VSCHT is not only a member of the European University Association, the European Federation of National Engineering Associations, and the International Association of Technical Pedagogy, but also the leading research and training university in the field of chemistry in the Czech Republic.

Qt 14

QT 15Dr. Tran Trong Dao - TDTU’s President and Prof. Pavel Matějka - VSCHT’s Rector.

5. Visiting and working with Skoda Auto University (SAVS)

On this business trip, the TDTU delegation had the opportunity to visit SAVS in Mlada Boleslav City. The Board of Directors and representatives of leaders of the Skoda Auto Factory under the Volkswagen Group welcomed and worked with the delegation. The two sides shared about the achievements and strengths of each university, and proposed strategic cooperation activities in research and training, focusing on developing key industries, serving as a solid premise to orient TDTU to become an elite research university.


TDTU delegation visiting and working with Skoda Auto University.

6. Visiting and working with the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

The TDTU delegation also worked with the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic to open up job opportunities for students after graduation. At the meeting, the two sides agreed on the contents discussed and signed an MoU, quickly deployed activities to connect businesses with the local, and created conditions for TDTU students to do an internship at corporations and enterprises in the Czech Republic.

QT 19

Qt 20

QT 21

The two sides giving gifts to each other.