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Currently, The University has different centers included services, consultancies, training, research, and application.

  1. Center for occupational safety and environmental technology (COSENT)

  2. Social development training center (SDTC)

  3. Center for international studies (CIS)

  4. European cooperation center (ECC)

  5. Center of testing food (CFT)

  6. Center for economic training and application research (CAER)

  7. TDT Foreign language center (TFLC)

  8. TDT Creative Language Center (CLC)

  9. Applied technology & economic management (ATEM)

  10. Consultancy & construction verification center (CCV)

  11. Center for industrial fine arts application (CAIFA)

  12. Center for applied information technology (CAIT)

  13. Center of Vietnamese studies and Vietnamese language (VSLC)