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Quantum control of coherent π-electron ring currents in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Hirobumi Mineo, Yuichi Fujimura
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, 2017 ()
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We present results for quantum optimal control (QOC) of the coherent π electron ring currents in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Since PAHs consist of a number of condensed benzene rings, in principle, there exist various coherent ring patterns. These include the ring current localized to a designated benzene ring, the perimeter ring current that flows along the edge of the PAH, and the middle ring current of PAHs having an odd number of benzene rings such as anthracene. In the present QOC treatment, the best target wavefunction for generation of the ring current through a designated path is determined by a Lagrange multiplier method. The target function is integrated into the ordinary QOC theory. To demonstrate the applicability of the QOC procedure, we took naphthalene and anthracene as the simplest examples of linear PAHs. The mechanisms of ring current generation were clarified by analyzing the temporal evolutions of the electronic excited states after coherent excitation by UV pulses or (UV+IR) pulses as well as those of electric fields of the optimal laser pulses. Time-dependent simulations of the perimeter ring current and middle ring current of anthracene, which are induced by analytical electric fields of UV pulsed lasers, were performed to reproduce the QOC results.