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Pt-coated cylindrical micropatterned honeycomb Petri dishes as an efficient TCO-free counter electrode in liquid junction photovoltaic devices

Van-Duong Dao, Van-Tien Bui, Ho-Suk Choi
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, 2018 ()
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The Pt layer deposited on a cylindrical micro cavity patterned Petri dish, which is produced using a one-step solvent-immersion phase separation, is fabricated for the first time as an FTO-free counter electrode (CE) for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs). Due to the high specific active surface area of the Pt-deposited honeycomb substrate CE, the efficiency of the DSC using the developed CE substrate is enhanced by 14.5% compared with the device using a Pt-sputtered flat substrate. This design strategy has potential in fabricating highly efficient and low-cost CE materials with FTO-free substrates for DSCs.